<@U018JM3SN2X>: We will have space for 40 project...
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@User: We will have space for 40 projects; that's what fits in a standard reticle, more or less, so that number remains unless SkyWater tells us otherwise. The only strict criterion is that the project must pass DRC to the satisfaction of the foundry. However, I cannot necessarily say what satisfies the foundry. A number of DRC rules are tied to specific, fixed layout cells (some of which we don't even have), which tends to inihibit experimentation at the device level, which runs counter to the purpose of the whole project. So I expect to be generating lots of waiver reports, or perhaps we can work out some kind of agreement with SkyWater. The bottom line is that if you are experimenting with digital circuits but otherwise expect the underlying circuits to work, then you should make sure you are DRC clean. If you are playing around with devices, then you should make sure that your project is able to survive any experiment that does not work and can still provide valuable feedback (i.e., the community should be aware of what doesn't work as well as what does work). Beyond the DRC "requirement", there is the unknown factor of how many valid submissions we will end up with for the first run. If we are overloaded with submissions, then we will probably apply some ranking to the projects (where certain things like tests of open-source IP that could become critical components of the harness for the next shuttle run would be given priority). But as yet, not knowing whether we will get ten submissions or a hundred, there is no particular point in discussing project rankings.
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