Dan Fritchman

06/16/2021, 8:41 PM
Could the eFabless team please advise, what to do about this segfault while running the pre-check on the eFabless platform:
STDOUT: {{PROGRESS}} Running Magic DRC Checks... 
STDOUT: {{FAIL}} DRC Checks on GDS Failed, Reason: magic segfaulted. You ran out of RAM. Please check: {_SOME_PATH_}/magic_drc.log 
STDOUT: TEST FAILED AT STEP 5 STDOUT: Full log could be found at {_SAME_PATH_}/full_log.log
The referenced
ends after logging
Loading DRC CIF Style
. We’ve posted trial GDSes each of the past two days, both have failed this way. Please let us know it there’s more info we can provide (e.g. those paths)