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# shuttle
********************************************* <!channel> Hello everyone, Just a reminder of the upcoming submission deadline for MPW-3 is this Friday, November 12, 2021 @ 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. Please ensure you have completed the following instructions and you have selected “*Submitter Confirmed*” on the ‘Request’ for your project. Project Submission Checklist • confirm the project is a public git repo with an approved license • project successfully passes a Precheck job executed on the Efabless platform • project successfully passes a Tapeout job executed on the Efabless platform (after a successful precheck) • your profile includes your full name, email and physical address • shipping address provided above in the request is correct (please also include a phone number as a contact for shipping) • review and accept the terms agreement from the landing page • download the export agreement form and complete and attach it on the activity tab of your ‘Request’ New Tapeout Job As mentioned previously, there is a new step required for submission of your project for the Open-MPW shuttle. After successfully completing a Precheck, you need to submit a Tapeout job which performs the final steps to integrate your design with the golden copy of Caravel, runs fill generation, adds a seal ring, and runs final metal density checks for the layout. You need to have successfully completed a Tapeout job submission prior to the submission deadline.  You can find the ‘*Submit Tapeout*’ button right next to the button for MPW precheck on your project  ‘Workspace’ tab. We’ve set up a Slack channel called #tapeout-job to assist with questions or issues related to this process.  We will be posting additional guidance there related to addressing any errors you may encounter. *********************************************