I’ve been working on a system for full chip device...
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I’ve been working on a system for full chip device level LVS and CVC-RV for caravel/caravan designs. (CVC-RV is similar to Calibre PERC, i.e. reliability verification. Not to be confused with OSS CVC which is a verilog simulator.) Hopefully eventually, all the required modifications will be incorporated into the openlane flow, but most likely not before the mpw-5 tapeout deadline. The caravel/caravan framework may not be fixed at the moment, but it is possible to check
. I ran LVS and CVC-RV checks on the mpw-2 designs at that level and found fatal errors in 7/40. So here’s the offer. If you have a design for mpw-5 that has passed prechecks, has all verilog blocks as powered gate level verilog in
and has all analog blocks as spice in
in your repo, I’ll run device level LVS, CVC-RV, and soft connection checks for wells for you. Financial contributions are appreciated but not necessary (at least for mpw-5). If you’re interested, DM me.
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