Harald Pretl

03/11/2022, 9:58 AM
@User @User @User I am progressing on my MPW-5 tapeout, but I have a fail in min. density on LI1 (the only fail left in the TO procedure). Here now a couple of issues: • I look at the final oasis file (
). By inspecting I find that the filling structures are on purpose 28, which is not documented here: and not here: — Someone should please complete the layer docs in the above references. • When I look at the layers 56:0 and 56:28 then I find that the filling structures are there on 56:28, but nothing on 56:0 (CLI1M). However, the layer 67/20 (LI1 drawing) is really full. As I have no idea how I could increase density (and anyway it is automatically generated), I have the impression that the density calculation might be wrong, not taking into account filling plus user structures? Could this be? Posted in #caravel