Max K

05/18/2021, 4:36 PM
I'm currently trying to harden a design together with the user_project_wrapper in Innovus. For this I used the last generated .def file from the openlane floorplanning stage as an inital floorplan, so the physical io pins are already at the correct spot. But I have tried to remove the metal stripes accross the core are, because I want to generate them using Innovus (to create macro p/g rings blockages and using the already existing rings for large designs, etc.). My empty floorplan before any power routing basically looks like the in the snapshot. But I'm running into one problem after the other. I guess partly because of all the metal outside of the die area... My questions are, if the stripes I am generating with Innovus must be at the exact same position as if they would be generated by openLane, i.a. am I really allowed to remove those pins? And are those metal wires outside of the die even includes in the final .gds or are they actually merged from the caravel.gds? And also has anyone done this before or is it just utter nonsense and I should rather harden the design as a stand-alone macro and use openlane for the wrapper integration?