<@U016HU5HK8V>: The "open_pdks" creates two magic...
# magic
@User: The "open_pdks" creates two magic views of each standard cell. One is abstract (derived from LEF), and the other is full (derived from GDS). The quick way to switch from one to the other is done with "export MAGTYPE=mag" for the full view (or "export MAGTYPE=maglef" for the abstract view, which is the default). In the .magicrc file, it uses that environment variable to determine the path to search for cells. The other way to do it is to read the GDS of the standard cell library before doing "def read" so that the cells are already in memory when it reads the DEF, so it won't go looking for them in its search paths (likewise, do "lef read" of the standard cell library to get the abstract views loaded into memory prior to reading DEF).