Md Munir Hasan

11/03/2020, 12:05 AM
Hello eveyone! I have some questions regarding doing layout in magic. In my understanding maglef files allows one to see only the metal layers, not the underlying diffusion, well or poly layers. If I set the MAGTYPE variable in .magicrc file to maglef then a standard cell placed using Options->Library Manager->place then cell->Expand Toggle shows me only metal layers with zero DRC errors. However, if I set the MAGTYPE variable to mag then I can see all the internal transistor layers but there are DRC errors in the cell. My question is 1. Which MAGTYPE is correctly showing the DRC errors? 2. For io pads (eg. vdda_hvc_pad), maglef shows metal layers but mag hardly shows anything. Is that the correct behavior? Should I update my io library to a newer version? (screenshot attached) My second question is related to how to make nwell and substrate contacts. 3. What are the layer and contact names in magic to make nwell taps and substrate taps? 4. Do the skywater standard cells come with well and substrate contacts?