<@U016EM8L91B> I've had problems with netgen findi...
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@User I've had problems with netgen finding files/cells and I can't explain what is happening. I have two directories with an identical run script:
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/usr/local/bin/netgen -noconsole << EOF
lvs {sram_2_16_scn4m_subm.spice sram_2_16_scn4m_subm} {sram_2_16_scn4m_subm.sp sram_2_16_scn4m_subm} setup.tcl sram_2_16_scn4m_subm.lvs.report -json
The files two files (.spice and .sp) and the setup.tcl are IDENTICAL. However, in one it cannot find any devices in the .sp file. I believe we saw something before with how netgen treats suffixesj, but the thing I don't get is that it works in one directory (~/temp) but not in another ~/foo/bar/something/temp. Any idea where to go?