Tim Edwards

11/24/2020, 10:04 PM
@User: The "checkpaint" layer marks areas that still need to be DRC checked. The GDS_FILE/GDS_START/GDS_END properties are for "readonly" cells. That means that the cell view is not (necessarily) WYSIWYG, but when writing GDS, the data for the cell will be copied directly from the specified GDS file into the output, ignoring whatever is showing in the view in magic. The "string path" thing is an error which I have never bothered to track down because it is a minor annoyance and pretty far down on the list of things to do. In theory, the "path" property can save paths that are read from GDS files (or, potentially, DEF files) so that magic can write them back out the same way. However, it seems to be interpreting some boundaries in the GDS file as paths, which it shouldn't. There is currently no code in magic to do anything with the "path" property which is why debugging it is a low priority.