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Maybe related to this?
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commit b9f9f73c9b939cd146bfd254be436ee715525395 (tag: 8.3.86)
Author: Tim Edwards <>
Date:   Fri Nov 20 19:56:41 2020 -0500

    "Partly" corrected an issue in GDS read:  The cd_client record is
    used both for counting cells during GDS write and for saving
    geometry data from the "copyup" operator during GDS read.  The write
    routine does not clear the client record, and the read routine was
    checking if the cd_client value was default.  Corrected the resulting
    crash condition by resetting cd_client before GDS reads.  However, the
    underlying problem is that the GDS read is reading data into a cell
    that already exists in the database, and is not handling it robustly
    by renaming the existing cell.  So this should be revisited.