@Riking28...thanks for the info. Just as a sanity ...
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@Riking28...thanks for the info. Just as a sanity check, I want to make sure I have these Metal Layers right. I looked in the Skywater "Read The Docs" pages. Under "Criteria & Assumptions" there is a "Minimum Critca Dimensions" Table. Here is the Info on the various widths for the Metal Layers: Local Intercnct 1-Core 0.14 Local Intercnct 1 1.17 I don't know which one I should be using. Metal-1 Metal-1-CU Metal-2 Metal-2-CU These are all listed at 0.14 I assume CU denotes Copper...is CU what is used in Skywater? Metal-3-TLM 0.36 Metal-3-S8TM 0.80 Metal-3-PLM 0.30 Metal-3-CU 0.30 This one's a crap shoot. I assume 0.30 may be the Width I need since Metal-4 is also 0.30. Metal-4 0.30 Metal-4-CU 0.30 Metal-5 0.80 Metal-5-S8PF 1.6 Metal-5-S8PIR 1.6 Here I assume 0.80. Thanks