Last 14 hours - You love RTL coding - Show us in w...
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Last 14 hours - You love RTL coding - Show us in workshop And finally, we reach the last "*RTL design and synthesis workshop using Sky130*" of this year, which is totally action packed with lectures, hands-on labs, community based problem solving - All of them on cloud. Many previous participants have reached great heights just by attending this workshop, completing labs and generating exceptional GitHub repositories. We were surprised to see most of them were freshers, but competing with experienced people during the workshop in terms of lab completion. One good trend about VSD workshop labs is *it really needs you to think out-of-the-bo*x irrespective of your experience. And out-of-the-box thinking needs good focus and a good amount of research during the short duration of the workshop. All of these are skills which are expected by technical recruiters in the VLSI industry. And so VSD workshop certificates are more valued than any other workshops. We shortlist only the best, based on your hard work, dedication and passion for VLSI, irrespective of your institution or your college or your country. So, all you passionate students, this workshop is the right place to show your love for the field and nothing is stopping you to reach greater heights.  Here's the registration link (open for last 14 hours) -