VSDOpen PLL/OSU180nm tutorial - Last 36 hours left...
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VSDOpen PLL/OSU180nm tutorial - Last 36 hours left for registration This is a gentle reminder - VSDOpen First Tutorial (for the student, of the student and by the student) on PLL using OSU180nm registration closes in 36-hours. For anyone, who want to understand VLSI field from scratch, this is the best one, as it is delivered by a student who has gone through the whole VSD learning process and has offers from 3-4 semiconductor companies Note - Jobs are not main focus of VSD, but they are an excellent by-product of VSD tutorials, workshops and hardware design programs He was a true fresher, when he joined VSD couple of years back, but the 5-stage process which he has gone through in addition to his own dedication, hard work and sincerity will make you believe that even if you don't know anything about this field and really want to be a part of this ever growing exciting field, it is definitely possible. One key thing about VSD process, workshop and tutorials - 5% theory, 95% labs - you will be given cloud lab instances to practice your design simulations. So no need to install any tools on your laptop. All you need is a VSD Login ID Here's the registration link: Indian Participant https://pages.razorpay.com/pllosu180 International Participant https://pages.razorpay.com/plldollar All the best and happy learning Other tutorials - Visit below page https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/registration/