Cloud FPGA workshop in VSD style First let me tel...
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Cloud FPGA workshop in VSD style First let me tell you why we are doing this? Because of you, our students, our global participants, our corporate customers. About a year back, we were introduced to existing FPGA training programs in colleges and institutes. VSD analyzed the content and it looked quite common across all institutes VSD had to differentiate and restructure the entire content, and it took close to 8-months of planning, recording and building the entire cloud platform for global students. If you closely look into FPGA programming methodology for any board, the fundamentals are same. Its the FPGA fabric which plays a crucial role while deciding on number of LUTs, performance, area, power. So this short 5-day workshop purpose to create an awareness about, FPGA fabrics and its relevance in FPGA programming, thereby opening new opportunities, especially for freshers, looking for core FPGA jobs and projects Really Thankful to Prof. Nanditha Rao and Dr. Xifan TANG from Open-Source FPGA Foundation for being the torch bearer of this initiative. Also thankful to Hugo A. Andrade and Parimal Patel from Xilinx who have been very helpful from day 1 when we planned this workshop. All of them are examples of courageous and dedicated leaders who look differently at future of Semiconductor industry I am sure, this project, this workshop and this team is just the beginning of a bigger mission to make each country build their own FPGA fabrics and hence their own FPGA boards Here's the registration link with more details. Stay tuned for more posts about this workshop