Adrian Freed

07/19/2020, 6:03 AM
@User As I was collecting papers to add to @User’s inspiration document, I tried hard to find open access versions or at least ones posted by the authors on their website or ResearchGate. This challenge is an annoyance when we are trying to build in an open way and acknowledge the contribution of that academic work. For people outside the academy it is worth emphasizing that a really good way to get a copy of a paper that is behind a paywall is to contact the primary author (often first listed) or lab supervisor (often last listed) and ask. Most recognize that diffusion of their work is part of the job. The advantage of this over various nefarious routes to obtain papers is that you start a relationship with the author(s) and they often can steer you to other more recent or relevant work. To me this is the real heart of the open source movement: enhancing collaborations. If anyone becomes stuck because of this sort of challenge please reach out to me and I will try to keep things flowing in the good direction.