Stefan Schippers

10/07/2020, 1:48 AM
I have created the xschem_sky130 repository on github that contains a first set of symbols to be used with the sky130 pdk. Right now there are symbols for the 1.8V, and higher voltage P and N mos, resistors, diodes and the pnp bipolar transistor All these symbols have been simulated with ngspice (a simple dc sweep) . The xschem_sky130 contains a xschemrc file, running xschem from this directory will set the correct search paths. The top level schematic (loaded automatically on xschem startup) contains 6 subcircuit testbenches, for testing diodes, bipolar pnp, resistor, Nfet, Pfet and finally a ring oscillator for testing the process speed (1.8V fet). Any feedback welcome 🙂 @User @User @User Posted in #xschem
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