<@U01E2KKE4SH> I am by no means an authority on th...
# sky130
@User I am by no means an authority on this. May be related to https://github.com/RTimothyEdwards/open_pdks/issues/50 I have the verilog file in my sky130A, but I did not execute any
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skywater-pdk: 9fcfb4c
open_pdks: c2662b9
The only change I made was to
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@@ -1736,7 +1736,8 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
           proprex = re.compile('<< properties >>')
           endrex = re.compile('<< end >>')
           rlabrex = re.compile('rlabel[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+([^ \t]+)')
-          flabrex = re.compile('flabel[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+[^ \t]+[ \t]+([^ \t]+)')
+          flabrex = re.compile('flabel[ \t]+.*[ \t]+([^ \t]+)[ \t]*')
           portrex = re.compile('port[ \t]+([^ \t]+)[ \t]+(.*)')
           gcellrex = re.compile('string gencell')
           portnum = -1
(which has since been changed in the master). For installation, I after I pulled the git repo, I just ran the following from the openlane directory.
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make skywater-library
make build-pdk
Contrary to what I suggested earlier, it appears that the io library is installed in addition to any standard cell library specified.