# sky130

Tim Edwards

11/19/2020, 1:48 PM
@User: VSWITCH and VCCHIB are both part of the power supply network, and you should not be touching them at all. Also you should not use the AMUXBUS unless you know what you are doing---it is a special-purpose thing that was used on the Cypress pSOC for some kind of switched-capacitor function. If you just want analog input or output, connect to the pad_a_esd_0_h signal and use the management SoC to shut off both digital input and output buffers. Likewise, G_CORE/P_CORE, DRN, SRC_BDY connections are all part of the power supply and should not be touched; you just connect to the core side of the power pads for VDDA1/VDDA2 (3.3V), VSSA1/VSSA2, and VCCD1/VCCD2 (1.8V).