Hello, I am trying to use the schmittbuf_1 standar...
# sky130
Hello, I am trying to use the schmittbuf_1 standard cell - whose spice file is located at: open_pdks/sources/sky130-pdk/libraries/sky130_fd_sc_hvl/latest/cells/schmittbuf/ . I created a symbol for this cell and am trying to run a testbench for it. However, I get an error saying:
"Error: unknown subckt: x1.x2 x1.a_78_463# vgnd vnb x1.mrdn_hv x1.w=290000u l=1.355e+06u"
I looked at the spice file for schmittbuf_1, and realized that for the primitive components mrdn_hv and mrdp_hv, I cannot locate them in the sky130_fd_pr library. I think that is causing the error, but I am not sure. I would really appreciate any advice on the cause of the error and how to overcome it. Thanks!