And here's the last part of 3-series webinar on 10...
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And here's the last part of 3-series webinar on 10bit DAC IP design - This time, its LIVE Layout using MAGIC and Sky130 PDKs. This will be LIVE streamed on 21st May, 4pm - 7pm IST (the longest of all webinars, so keep your snacks ready with you during the webinar:) ). Here's the registration link for receiving invitation Enjoy the below promo video till then Curriculum - Section 1:Introduction Lecture 1: Introduction to DAC fundamentals Lecture 2: Introduction to DAC IP Specifications Section 2: DAC IP design basics and tool installation Lecture 1: Tool Installations Lecture 2: DAC Circuit Topology Section 3: Basics of DAC IP Layout Lecture 1: CMOS Cross Sectional View Lecture 2: Metal Layers Lecture 3: Resistor and Capacitor Layout Theory Lecture 4: Magic tool Basics Lecture 5: Resistor Layout demo Lecture 6: Capacitor Layout Section 4: Inverter and switch layout LIVE Labs Lecture 1: Inverter layout starting Lecture 2: Inverter Layout Continued Lecture 3: Inverter Layout Complete Lecture 4: Switch Layout starting Lecture 5: Switch Layout Complete Section 5: 10-bit DAC layout design and post-layout analysis Lecture 1: 2Bit DAC to 10Bit DAC starting Lecture 2: 2Bit DAC to 10Bit DAC Complete Lecture 3: Output Response Evaluation Lecture 4: DNL and INL theory Lecture 5: DNL and INL Calculations
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