Last 12hrs - VSDOpen Sky130 tapeout tutorial For A...
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Last 12hrs - VSDOpen Sky130 tapeout tutorial For Analog Design aspirants For so many years, you have been asking for Analog Design Workshop by Analog Expert - There you go. Here's tapeout quality Bandgap Design using Sky130 2-day cloud lab based tutorial by Dr. Saroj Rout, Adjunct.Prof. and Asst. Prof. Santunu Sarangi from Silicon Institute of Technology who has spent many years designing bandgap IP using XFAB. It was an honour to have them on board and share their entire learning on the VSD-IAT platform. Guess what - This tutorial is totally hands-on from circuit to layout, as seen from images, and all of them using Skywater 130nm PDK, so it's completely manufacturable Features - Low cost ($25), 2-day, cloud lab based workshop Timings - You can login at your own convenient time during 24-hrs duration of the workshop and start with lectures/labs at your own pace Workshop Start date - 20th October, 11:59pm IST Workshop End date - 22nd October, 11:59pm IST Registration link (Last 12hours)- Indian Participants- International Participants- All the best and happy learning