<@U01819B63HP> Thanks for your answers, but I have...
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@User Thanks for your answers, but I have another question, Gaw is not catching the signals, could you help me with that? OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS All tools were installed at: /home/nelson/cad I used open_pdks to install the pdk. Ngspice runs correctly (I tested with its example/soi/inv_tr.sp) Netlist is generated correctly (I installed xterm) Simulation is generated correctly (I installed vim and vim-gtk3) All Gaw depedencies were installed following bluecmd repo and also I configured the listen port to 2020. But when doing Gaw menu > View > Variable List there are no signals there. PS. I'm still a beginner with spice, so I'm not pretty sure if I made a mistake while writing the code in the code_shown symbol.