Intermediate Level Labs - Registration closes in 3...
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Intermediate Level Labs - Registration closes in 3 days As mentioned on the registration page, there are multiple levels of labs in the upcoming SKY130-based Physical Verification workshop, so let me give you a glimpse of intermediate-level lab details. It covers: 1) Understanding the GDS format 2) Extraction command, styles and options in Magic 3) GDS Reading options in Magic 4) GDS writing, IO Styles and output issues 5) DRC rules and netgen LVS setup in Magic 6) Verification by XOR This workshop is important for 3 different reasons. Firstly, it's the need of the hour. With so many people attempting tape-outs using Google SKY130 free shuttles, it is necessary to understand PDKs for rapid DRC/LVS free GDS generation. Secondly, it's a great start for freshers and professionals who are looking for a smooth entry into chip design. Thirdly, for the first time (and probably last time), a sophisticated cloud lab-based SKY130 workshop is available for $20 (which is 80% discounted from than original price). Usually, such workshops are available at not less than $100 Here's the registration link, which expires in 3-days: So all the best and happy learning. See you at the workshop
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