Brian Neltner

07/08/2020, 7:35 PM
@User I found this which I needed to read a few times to notice. The SKY130 Process node technology stack consists of; • Support for internal 1.8V with 5.0V I/Os (operable at 2.5V) • 1 level of local interconnect • 5 levels of metal • Is inductor-capable • Has high sheet rho poly resistor • Optional MiM capacitors • Includes SONOS shrunken cell • Supports 10V regulated supply • HV extended-drain NMOS and PMOS You may already have noticed it but maybe it has the answer to your question. I would be most interested myself in this "HV extended-drain" and am eyeing that 10V regulated supply voltage as a bit of an oddball -- curious if that means analog I/O may have a 10V range. Sounds like we'll need to read the source code for the PDK to find out, I just tried getting it setup and ran into issues with the makefile and spaces in my path so it seems I'll have several steps in between me and being able to actually do anything. So I guess first will be trying to remember how makefiles work so I can fix the one on github to work on my computer.