Tim Edwards

10/04/2020, 5:01 PM
@User: "As you noted it is a tricky to remove scale= because the scaling is only done on values that are related to length (e.g. lengths, widths and areas)." --- It's even trickier than that, because the scaling is applied before the model is called, so values of parameters inside the model are still in SI units. Values that are not measurements but related in some way, like capacitance per unit area, do not get the scaling. The worst problems are in the resistors, where they compute non-scaled parameters from scaled values; e.g.,
rhead0 = 188.2 / (weff-0.0672*max(0.69-w,0)+1.41)
. I cannot think of any reasonable automated way to determine how to convert this from scaled units to unscaled units.