Agustin Galetto

11/27/2020, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone! hope you're great. I'm working on a mixed signal design to be integrated in the caravel chip. I'm in a little problem with the mapping of the pins. There's a video where it's shown how to use the user_project_wrapper_empty.gds. It's said that one have to stick the design to that space and that pin location, and at the end of the design, running the make file, the mapping of the pins of the design with the pins of the gpio interface is automatically done. My problem is that in the user_project_wrapper_empty.gds there are only 3 pins related to a single gpio interface (i.e. io_oeb[9], io_in[9] and io_out[9] related to the gpio number 9) but in the documentation ( and in the gpio layout there are 26 possible connections. Where do i have to specify the one i want to use? As an example of what i'm trying to do, i attach an image. I need to link the io_in[9] in the subfigure 1, to the pad_a_noesd_h pin of the gpio in subfigure 2 and 3.