<@U01GE4F371D> I gave the multi arch series anothe...
# openlane
@User I gave the multi arch series another test on ppc64le, looking good! A couple of things: • patch needs to be in the image, because the docker pdk install step now needs it • I still need to install
from scratch:
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-RUN pip3 install --no-cache-dir pyinstaller
+RUN git clone <https://github.com/pyinstaller/pyinstaller.git> pyinstaller
+WORKDIR pyinstaller/bootloader
+RUN python3 ./waf all
+WORKDIR /pyinstaller
+RUN python3 setup.py install
• I went through and added -j$(nproc) everywhere. I remember you had issues, but my box has 192 threads and 512GB of RAM, so it would be nice to be able to build the image faster. The klayout build in particular is terribly slow without -j