# openlane

Amro Tork

07/26/2021, 9:19 AM
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during executing: "openroad -python /openLANE_flow/scripts/ -d /openLANE_flow/designs/spm/runs/openlane_test/results/routing/17-spm.def -l /openLANE_flow/designs/spm/runs/openlane_test/tmp/merged.lef --power-port VPWR --ground-port VGND --powered-netlist {} -o /openLANE_flow/designs/spm/runs/openlane_test/tmp/routing/19-spm.powered.def |& tee /dev/null /openLANE_flow/designs/spm/runs/openlane_test/logs/lvs/19-write_powered_verilog.log"
Last 10 lines:
[INFO ODB-0131]     Created 1056 components and 5129 component-terminals.
[INFO ODB-0132]     Created 2 special nets and 4032 connections.
[INFO ODB-0133]     Created 362 nets and 1097 connections.
[INFO ODB-0134] Finished DEF file: /openLANE_flow/designs/spm/runs/openlane_test/results/routing/17-spm.def
Top-level design name: spm
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/openLANE_flow/scripts/", line 95, in <module>
    assert VDD_PORTS and GND_PORTS, "No power ports found at the top-level. "\
AssertionError: No power ports found at the top-level. Make sure that they exist and have the USE POWER|GROUND property or they match the arguments specified with --power-port and --ground-port.
child process exited abnormally