Georgios T

09/28/2021, 2:45 AM
A bit delayed but I am moving an issue I mentioned on #openroad on this channel. I am trying to push a simple design with 8 SRAMs ( through openlane and the detailed placement check is failing. Any suggestions? @User @User I am just tagging you as you responed on the #openroad channel. The warnings I am seeing include the following:
placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0018] detailed placement failed on input1.

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0004] Placed in rows check failed (129).

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0005] Overlap check failed (106).

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0006] Site aligned check failed (187).