Mega VLSI Tapeout workshop - Physical verification...
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Mega VLSI Tapeout workshop - Physical verification using Sky130 This one mega VLSI tapeout workshop connects its all - basics, theory, tools, labs, opensource, DRC, LVS, tapeout - one workshop built for all levels of professionals On day1, we will ensure that a professional and a fresher come on same platform and on same level, so starting point is same for all. And day 2 on-wards, we increase intensity for all. One good thing about this workshop, is it has everything you ever wanted to know about Sky130 PDKs. It also has some sample designs which you can take forward and tapeout. For a right tapeout experience, any basic design is a good start There are so many unanswered questions about Sky130 PDKs and about opensource EDA tools, which everyone has in this channel or on other places, even after a year of its release. For the first time, this 5-day workshop answers all questions which you might find scattered all over places. From IP designer to Physical designer to circuit designer to VLSI student, this workshop has answers for everyone in form of LABS, which is the key to all VSD workshops Learning by doing - that's the mantra and that's how we will be doing it. All tools are installed on VSD-IAT cloud for your ease of you. All you need to focus on labs using Sky130 PDKs, which in turn will help you tapeout your own design very quickly Here's the registration link (Last 4 days to register) Reserve your seat TODAY using below link- All the best and happy learning