RTL2GDS Workshop No. 1/6 - Let's build RISC-V spec...
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RTL2GDS Workshop No. 1/6 - Let's build RISC-V specs and code it in RTL I know you might be thinking, what's the use of this workshop when there are so many free webinars and courses already over the web about RISC-V?   One and only one answer - Your own personalized and structured lab based GitHub repo which gives you direct access to RISC-V recruiters in some of the TOP semiconductor industry. We had participants in past whose GitHub repos are displayed in RISC-V Org and industry has been contacting them directly   Why so? VSD workshops are timeline and deadline based, just like how its in industries. Hence industry like VSD workshop participants, and looking forward to work with them. Their only criteria - strong fundamentals. That's possible only through a structured cloud based labs and our RISC-V labs has been very popular among students (especially freshers), as students love the GitHub and deadline based model   So feel free to experience the same starting 25th August and here's the registration link: https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/riscv-based-myth/   All the best and happy learning
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