Last 12 hours to register in "democratic" PLL work...
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Last 12 hours to register in "democratic" PLL workshop Hi There, Wondering why we call this a "democratic" workshop? Let's start by definition.  Democracy - For the people, Of the people, By the people. Democratic Workshop - For the student, Of the student, By the student Did you know every experienced person on this planet was once a fresher? And so was Lakshmi. And so all our interns, who are now proficient with their fields That's the reason, I chose to work with lot of freshers, because every fresher will be an experienced person after 5-7 years and some of them will have the passion to guide new upcoming freshers, just like what Lakshmi is doing and so all our other interns will be doing in upcoming days. So here's your last chance to register and build your own PLL from scratch, right from specifications to circuit design to layout in just 2-days using Sky130. You never know, this workshop might become your personal IP, you might manufacture this IP using Skywater 130nm process foundry and it might work across all corners making it commercial one Registration closes in 12 hours. Here's the link for the same If you are an expert in PLL, please join and guide us with your valuable feedbacks If you are a fresher, definitely join and learn how to build industry grade products with a few nmos/pmos/cmos which you have learnt in your college All the best and happy learning
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