Next Sky130 Workshops - RTL Synthesis/Synopsys DC ...
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Next Sky130 Workshops - RTL Synthesis/Synopsys DC and PD/OpenLANE Hi There How about plugging opensource PDKs with commercial tools and characterizing? You heard it right. And that's what is the next SURPRISE workshop Both workshop dates - 22nd September 2021 - 26th September 2021 Registration for both workshops close in 48-hours Registration details are here- Advanced RTL design and Synthesis and STA using Synopsys DC/Sky130 - Advanced Physical Design using OpenLANE/Sky130 - These 2 workshops are at next level research oriented workshops using Sky130 If some of you do really well, VSD would personally help to take your projects to the next level All the best and happy learning Imp Note - Make sure you enroll only in ONE workshop