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VSDOpen2021 Tutorial 1 - VLSI Basics using Phase Locked Loop This is where VSD invites freshers (I mean, strictly freshers), who are looking for VLSI basics from scratch using a simple PLL design example with cloud based labs. All EDA tools needed to learn VLSI basics is available on cloud, so you need not install any tools Experts - Feel free to join to encourage freshers and look at our internship cum workshop model The best way to learn VLSI basics is to do labs, from basic circuit design to basic layout, on your own and understand real challenges (through labs). VSD workshops and tutorials are totally lab based. This one is a special case, where we cover a bit of theory before starting high intensity labs Technical Overview: This course will be an in-depth introduction to On-Chip Clock Multiplier (PLL) design and layout using open-source EDA tools (ngspice & Magic) on OSU180nm. This course starts with fundamentals (from CMOS inverter & basic semiconductor physics) to Advanced IP design Process, issues & ways to deal with them (by live demo of entire IP from Design to Layout). Anyone who finds VLSI interesting & want to start his/her journey on this wonderful path can find lamp posts laid out for you in a way you can build your own IP after attending this course sincerely Course Curriculum- • Introduction – Basics of IP, ASIC Design flow, On-chip clock Multiplier, PLL, • Theory & fundamental Concepts – CMOS implementation, transistor sizing, 2nd order control system, IC fab process, Euler path. • Pre-layout Implementation (lab session) – setting up system with linux, installation of tools, IP design, simulation & verification • Post-layout Implementation (lab session) – device to block level layout, extracting parasitic capacitors, simulation & verification. • Summary & Conclusion – Review Results, Future work, Acknowledgement. Features - Low cost ($10), 1-day, cloud lab based workshop Timings - You can login at your own convenient time during 24-hrs duration of the workshop and start with lectures/labs at your own pace Workshop Start date - 18th October, 11:59pm IST Workshop End date - 19th October, 11:59pm IST Registration link- Indian Participants- https://pages.razorpay.com/pllosu180 International Participants- https://pages.razorpay.com/plldollar All the best and happy learning