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10/01/2022, 9:17 AM
Day one labs for upcoming SKY130 Physical Verification workshop An image is worth a thousand words and a lab is worth hundreds of hours spent in lectures The first day of labs of the upcoming SKY130-based Physical Verification workshop is an introductory session for anyone and everyone who are looking to 1. Learn semiconductors in general 2. Learn about opensource tools in general 3. Learn about SKY130 PDKs in general We have read a lot of SKY130 PDKs, DRC, LVS, Physical verification and in general about VLSI, a lot, on many blogging websites, YouTube videos and even on LinkedIn/Facebook. But, what differentiates VSD workshops from blogging sites is structured cloud labs with all tools/PDK installed and which are in complete sync with the lab videos. This needs a lot of hard work and precision. Think of this work as that of a heart surgeon - We all read about surgeries on websites, but what differentiates a surgeon from us is the precision with which he performs the surgery and brings it back to life. That's what VSD wants for all of you. Thanks to Tim Edwards from efabless and TAs from the VSD team who made this happen. It takes years to be a good surgeon Here's the registration link with (for the first time) discounted up to 80% for you: So enroll, showcase your theory directly in the labs and become a surgeon in PDKs. All the best and happy learning