Mid-Advanced Level Labs - Registration closes in 2...
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Mid-Advanced Level Labs - Registration closes in 2 days Let me introduce you to the topics covered as a part of mid-advanced level labs in the upcoming SKY130-based Physical Verification workshop: 1) Introduction to the basic silicon manufacturing process 2) Backend metal layer rules 3) Local interconnect rules 4) Frontend rules, transistors implants ID and boundary layers 5) Antenna, latchup and stress rules 6) Density rules 7) Recommended rules, manufacturing rules and ERC rules This workshop is a great chance for all VLSI and semiconductor professionals to reduce barriers to the most demanding and upcoming open-source hardware space. Many freshers and professionals have issues with open-source EDA documentation and this workshop solves the issue. VSD has faced similar challenges in the past and so understands the pain in open-source usage. We believe the success of any technology depends on how great documentation is and how many people use them Here's the 80% discounted registration link, which expires in 2-days: https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/physical-verification-using-sky130/ So all the best and happy learning. See you at the workshop