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@User: The project to be looking at is called "openlane" and can be found at https://github.com/efabless/openlane . Like a number of the projects related to Google/SkyWater, it has been developed using files procured from SkyWater under NDA, so it is currently a private repository, and will be made public as soon as we make the conversion to the files from the open source Google/SkyWater repository. In brief (very brief), "openlane" can be described more or less as a wrapper around OpenROAD. OpenROAD has been designed to target very high-end processes (e.g., 16nm), and in a number of cases its methods do not work well with older nodes like the SkyWater 130nm. So "openlane" is filling in those gaps and makes OpenROAD usable with the SkyWater process. We are still fielding a handful of issues, but the issues are minor enough that we have been able to place and route several complete SoC designs to the point where readying them for tapeout is just a matter of manually fixing a few DRC and LVS errors. The goal is zero errors, but the current state is considered viable. In case you were wondering, the openlane project has the blessing of the OpenROAD developers, and both groups are working closely together on development and bug fixes. Openlane is in a few respects ahead of OpenROAD development; for instance, it has a working DFT flow (as far as I know, the first complete working open source DFT flow) for scan chain insertion and automatic test pattern generation.
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