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Art Scott

02/19/2023, 3:38 PM
Y. Takahashi, N. Anuar, S. -y. Nagano, T. Sekine and M. Yokoyama, "On chip LC resonator circuit using an active inductor for adiabatic logic," 2009 52nd IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Cancun, Mexico, 2009, pp. 1171-1174, doi: 10.1109/MWSCAS.2009.5235943. Abstract: In this paper, we propose a LC resonator circuit using Hara's active inductor for adiabatic logic. The proposed circuit consists of four MOS-transistors Colpitts oscillator and an active inductor. This circuit require no inductor and can be produced two-phase sinusoidal clocking. From the simulation results, we show that the proposed circuit was operated as a 10 MHz, 3 V peak-to-peak LC resonant oscillator. Posted in #adiabatonauts