Has anyone tested any of the OpenRAM macros on MPW...
# mpw-2-silicon
Has anyone tested any of the OpenRAM macros on MPW2 yet? I have some
that on a very brief test aren't responding (but I certainly can't rule out a problem in my test setup or integration at this point, so don't treat it as a writeoff).
ah, actually, I'm curious, does OpenRAM have a minimum clock? I see some life out of it when running at 10MHz, whereas at 1kHz (ish) I just get zeros out
ahhh, pebcak... I missed that the data is invalid between the posedge and negedge. checking read data at the negedge now it works fine at 1kHz too
We are still doing bring-up on our test chip. We tested essentially that same macro pre-MPW and it was working up to ~12MHz.
(It was limited by IO delays)
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Yes, data should become valid some time after the negative edge. The first half of the cycle is precharge and then read occurs in the second half.
Actually, that macro is the exact one we tested in silicon. Not the updated one.