Hi, <@U016EM8L91B> what I did was to clone this <r...
# reram
Hi, @Tim Edwards what I did was to clone this reram repo, then use the
compiler (openvaf is a prebuilt executable I downloaded from the openvaf main site). Then simply compiled the
to produce the
object. This must be included in ngspice with the new
command. Following is the complete netlist of the testbench:
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** sch_path: /home/schippes/.xschem/xschem_library/xschem_sky130/sky130_tests/tb_reram.sch
**.subckt tb_reram
N1 TOP 0 sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_model
V1 TOP 0 PWL (0 0 1u 2 2u 0 3u -2 4.0u 0.0)
**** begin user architecture code
  * Modify according to your specific location
  pre_osdi /mnt/sda7/sky130_fd_pr_reram_git/cells/reram_cell/sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_cell.osdi
  save all
  tran 1n 4.0u
  write tb_reram.raw
** opencircuitdesign pdks install, not needed in this testbench
* .lib /home/schippes/share/pdk/sky130A/libs.tech/ngspice/sky130.lib.spice tt

.model sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_model sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_cell area_ox=0.1024e-12  Tox=5.0e-9
+  Tfilament_max=4.9e-9  Tfilament_min=3.3e-9  Tfilament_0=3.5e-9  Eact_generation=1.501  Eact_recombination=1.500
+  I_k1=6.140e-5  Tfilament_ref=4.7249e-9  V_ref=0.430  velocity_k1=150  gamma_k0=16.5  gamma_k1=-1.25
+   Temperature_0=300  C_thermal=3.1825e-16  tau_thermal=0.23e-9  t_step=1.0e-9

**** end user architecture code
You see the reram instance uses the (new)
letter, it references a
SPICE model, this can be defined as simply
.model sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_model sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_cell
'*connects*' the spice device to the verilog OSDI model Additionally the .model can override default parameters specified in the .va file, as done in above netlist . To enable the new reram I think the
.model sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_model
SPICE wrapper and the
verilog source file should be added. Then the verilog must be compiled on the target machine in some way.
has to be run in a control block? Is there a way to run it like a dot-card so that it would get enabled by calling
@Tim Edwards I don't know much about that, but it seems
needs to be at the beginning of a
, see the attached manual page. I have verified that having this:
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  pre_osdi <.....osdi model>

.save all
.tran 1n 2u
works calling ngspice in batch mode, or this one works in interactive mode:
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pre_osdi <.....osdi model>

  save all
  tran 1n 2u
  write tb_reram.raw