# sky130-pv-workshop


02/06/2023, 3:41 PM
<!channel> VLSI Design RTL2GDS Mastery: Last 4 days, Enroll Today! In just 4 days, registration for our comprehensive HDP course on VLSI design will close. This course covers everything from architectural design to routing, providing you with a thorough understanding of the entire VLSI design process. Our experienced system engineer will walk you through the process of physical constraints and micro-architecture modelling, ensuring that you understand the specifications required for your circuit design. Additionally, you'll learn the importance of RTL design and behavioral modelling using Verilog, and the techniques used in RTL verification. The course also covers critical steps such as logic synthesis, post-synthesis STA analysis, floor-planning, placement, clock tree synthesis (CTS), and routing. You'll gain practical knowledge on how to plan the silicon area, create a robust power distribution network, and implement interconnect systems between standard cells. In this comprehensive course, you'll not only learn the key concepts of VLSI design, but you'll also gain hands-on experience with the industry-standard process-driven approach (see image). This approach is widely used in the industry and will give you a deeper understanding of how to design, verify, and implement complex VLSI systems. Don't miss this chance to take your VLSI design skills to the next level. Register now before it's too late! Registration link All the best and happy learning