Based on my understanding the final board has a ma...
# caravel-board
Based on my understanding the final board has a management area and a user project area. I put the image below. I don't know whether it is correct or not. But here is my question: 1. What does the final PCB look like (or what physical board we can get ), could you give me the image of the physic board and circuit diagram and specification? (or you can give me the resource that I can find by myself). 2. How do each component in the management area connect to each other and connect to the user area? 3. How can I test the final physical board to check if each component is working well? And if something wrong , how can I find which part of the board needs to be fixed?
all of that is in the chip, not on a board
you can get details of the pcb here:
@Matt Venn Thank you for you reply, I check the link you give to me, it seems has multiple choices to select the caravel board. I want ask how I decide which board we use and what are the difference between these board.