2nd mile-stone in field open-source (efabless open...
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2nd mile-stone in field open-source (efabless open-lane EDA + Google/Sky130 open-process). GitHub is indeed the new RESUME for VLSI industry. Again, let's take a backseat and appreciate/encourage all freshers like @User to do a similar kind of work, by congratulating them @User joined our research project group under VSD Research internship program which runs for 8-weeks. He was supposed to develop flow for standard cell design and characterization using all open-source tools - magic/ngspice, then plug those standard cells into open-source PNR flow by open-lane, and benchmark RTL2GDS flow results. This needed a knowledge, not only of PNR, but device physics, custom layout, DRC/LVS and then (finally) Physical design/STA. All of above using open-source RISC-V design (picorv32a) + open-source EDA tools (open-lane by efabless) + open-process (google+skywater130nm). Here's detailed masterpiece of his work. Its open for review/critics/feedback/comments/usage and everything. Thanks again @User @User @User @User https://github.com/nickson-jose/vsdstdcelldesign
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I don't consider this as my achievement alone..this is one for my mentor and guru @Kunal for showing the vision and setting me in the right direction and to the entire Openlane and Skywater team for the amazing work and support..Cheers!!
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