<@U01819B63HP>: I assume you consider the Virtuos...
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@User: I assume you consider the Virtuoso symbols from SkyWater (of which we have only the screenshots) to be "heavy"? I would generally recommend keeping the look of those symbols, or something similar, at least to make each transistor variety uniquely recognizable in some way. But I'm mostly ambivalent; whatever way you think best will be just fine, I'm sure.
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I think what @Stefan Schippers meant was not the visual layout, but rather if in the symbol chooser you choose a generic PMOS/NMOS and then set which specific version (light), or if you pick the exact PFET or NFET from an extensive list (heavy).
Visually I think they would look identical, except for the printed name of the symbol
Okay, got it. I'll leave it to Stefan to decide which way works better, then, and I'll stay out of it.