<@U017E7L119N> How do we get this stuff upstream?
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@User How do we get this stuff upstream?
My current view is working with a specific changelist, I’m seeing few problems with latest liberty for hd library, I’m working with my team on a patch, will file ticket when all items are identified and addressed. Haven’t had much time for open source lately :( Do I need to create a pull request to get it upstream? If so, I guess I could do that after getting some feedback...
Just filed: https://github.com/google/skywater-pdk/pull/184 It seems GitHub didn't recognized my user on some of the changes, not sure how to fix.
just tried to fix it with rebase, but I'm not sure if is working
Ok, got stuck so I closed the request and created a new one with a clean branch. https://github.com/google/skywater-pdk/pull/185
Showing some Python conflict now, please advise