<@U016EM8L91B> Any ideas when is the upcoming tape...
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@User Any ideas when is the upcoming tapeout?
You mean the upcoming shuttle run, or the one after that?
The upcoming shuttle run?
Deadline for the next tapeout time.
Well, we (at efabless) are still working on the process of getting the current set of designs to SkyWater; when you have an intermediary like efabless, "tape-out" means something different to the end-user as to the intermediary. The next time efabless will be accepting designs for a shuttle run is likely to be around May, from my last discussion with Tim Ansell, but the exact date has not yet been determined. The exact date will most likely be predicated on when SkyWater says they can run the wafer batch.
The current set of designs will go to SkyWater as soon as we can run all the final scripts on all of them. We have just finished debugging those scripts, so we should be able to run all the projects through to generating final GDS in the next couple of days.
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Thanks @Tim Edwards for all that great information.
I just wanted to get an estimate for planning our work for the next shuttle. I think we could say may be May.
also see the latest video I posted on the zerotoasic youtube channel - interview with Tim answered a lot of these questions