Has someone documented the process of adding custo...
# sky130
Has someone documented the process of adding custom cells to "mix-in" with the ones provided btw ? I'll have to do that soon, so if anyone has some docs/howto so I don't have to search blindly how that works, it would be most welcome 😛
Is this something you are looking for? These GitHub projects were a part of our VSD internship program 1) Adding Multi-height cell https://github.com/praharshapm/vsdmixedsignalflow 2) Adding single height custom cell https://github.com/nickson-jose/vsdstdcelldesign Just FYI - We don't have open-source characterizer yet, so we have a Perl script to generate dummy libs, for flow completion @Praharsha @Nickson Jose are the ones who developed the flow
@Kunal Thanks, that looks pretty straightforward 👍
@tnt: There are some changes to the way magic handles GDS output that are relevant to standard cells, so if you plan on making one (with magic), then you should probably check with me---these are minor details that would not affect the design, however.