in documentation it is showing that height of hd c...
# sky130
in documentation it is showing that height of hd cells is 2.7 but in magic i found it 3.2 like did i measured it wrong
Note that when placed on the chip the cells on every other row will be placed upside down so that its power line and its ground line will be next to the same line in the other rows instead of power next to ground. Instead of just placing power and power next to each other, the cells will overlap vertically so that the two power lines will become just one.
That means that even though the cells by themselves might be 3.2µm high, when placed in rows that overlap vertically they will only be 2.7µm high each
@Varun Majji: Note that the "box" command in magic measures the cursor box, and if you select a cell the cursor box gets placed at the bounds of the geometry, not the abutment box. The thinner white rectangle inside is the abutment box. If you place the cursor box in the same position as the abutment box and then type "box", you'll get the dimensions you were expecting.
thanks ,i understood now @Tim Edwards @Jecel Assumpção Jr