Welcome to VSD Intern Webinar on OpenRAM configura...
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Welcome to VSD Intern Webinar on OpenRAM configuration for 4kB SRAM using Sky130 happening on 9th April, 6pm IST This session is LIVE and FREE. Fill up below form to receive meeting invitation https://forms.gle/bJrf6UyDc9QFnJPR8 Curriculum to be covered- Section 1:Introduction Lecture 1:Introduction to OpenRAM Lecture 2:Reasons to use OpenRAM and Sky130 technology Section 2:Environment Setup and custom cells description Lecture 3:OpenRAM environment setup Lecture 4:Bit-cells and sense amplifier details Lecture 5:Dummy & replica bit cells, D-flipflop and write driver details Section 3:OpenRAM technology setup Lecture 6:OpenRAM directory structure Lecture 7:GDS file creation Lecture 8:Tech file setup Lecture 9:Interconnect stack layer name and technology parameters Lecture 10:DRC rules and SPICE technology setup Section 4:Steps to execute OpenRAM Lecture 11:OpenRAM configuration script Lecture 12:Execute and review OpenRAM output files Section 5:Challenges, issues and fixes Lecture 13:Custom cells boundry box Lecture 14:GDS pins and tech layers Lecture 15:GDS DRC issues Section 6:Conclusion Lecture 16:Summary and conclusion So are you ready for a total hands-on session? All the best and happy learning
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